How I Became mPowered


Why I am “mPowered”

I have always connected physical activity and exercise with feeling healthy, confident and energized. My parents were both physically active and incorporated a wide range of fun physical activities, such as skiing, hiking, canoeing, biking, and running into my life starting at a very young age. Throughout my high school and college years, I was challenged physically and emotionally on several different Outward Bound and Wilderness Ventures trips. I did things I never thought I could… I was taught, and I quote from one of Outward Bound’s mantra “to overcome doubts, bounce back from failures and become a more resilient, capable and passionate individual.” 

This is when I truly began to realize both the physical AND mental wellbeing and confidence that regular exercise and a “can do it” attitude provided me. 

Being active became a life-long commitment. I became a believer that if I was lucky enough to have a body and mind that COULD, then I WOULD!

Then came the nutrition component. Although I did not necessarily maintain the healthiest diet (childhood favorites included Wisconsin cheese curds, brawnshweiger sandwiches and “Molly McButter” was a given nickname), I always enjoyed cooking with fresh ingredients with my mom. I also loved reading health magazines and watching cooking shows (from Julia Child’s chocolate cake with my grandmother to Giadda’s Healthy Kitchen).

Post college, back in Chicago, I started to read more and enrolled in Integrative Institute for Nutrition as well as a personal training course at DePaul University. I realized that eating real, whole foods and eliminating processed foods, along with portion control, sleep, and exercise….was the best and healthiest method. I began to view food as fuel: If you feed your body good, clean food, it will run more efficiently and smoothly. If you clog it up with junk, it will become sluggish and unwell. I began to integrate healthier foods and eating habits into my daily life. I realized that not only did eating more nutritious food help me maintain my “happy weight”, but it provided me with a feeling of control, energy and even improved my skin and digestion (added bonus).  

Fast forward to now, a mom with two children (ages 4 and 9)… I feel passionate about trying to pass on the same enthusiasm for physical activity, a variety of hobbies/sports/interests and healthy eating. I enjoy volunteering on the nutrition committees at their schools and cooking with them at home. I can’t say they prefer to eat super healthy (yet), but I don’t expect it, but I see they understand why it is important and enjoy learning about it. I believe it is never too early to start teaching healthy habits in eating, exercise and sleep. I hope to teach healthy habits, confidence and friendships that support these habits through Tween Empowerment workshops.

Nutrition and healthy living has become a passion and a way of life. Throughout the years, I have continued to educate myself in new information on health and have evolved my lifestyle toward optimal health and wellness. Now I want to share it with you.